[1]  Anthem Community Park - Hockey Courts

      ** for Anthem residents & their guests

       ** courts available 1st-come, 1st-serve with rotation

[2] Anthem Country Club - Persimmon Courts

      ** for Anthem country club members & their guests

      ** courts can optionally be reserved: call 623-742-6244

Monday - Thursday:                     5:00pm - 7:00pm

Tuesday, Thursday:                      7:00am - 9:00am

Saturday:                                    7:00am - 10:00am

Sunday: (Challenge Court)              4:00pm - 6:00pm

Courts can be reserved daily from 7am - 8:30pm except for open play, lessons or men's tennis.  Call  Persimmon (at 623-742-6244​​) for reservations.

​Please note that, due to summer heat, some of the afternoon court times may not be utilized in August. 

 ​Monday, Wednesday, Friday*:   7:00am -  9:30am

 Tuesday, Thursday:                   7:00pm -  9:30pm

 Saturday*:                                 7:00am -  9:30am

Please call the community center front desk (at 623-879-3011) or email Fred Stevens at fmstevens@gmail.com with any questions.

Equipment can be checked out at community center with current id card. 

​Please note that courts are set up by volunteers and, in the summer, more court activity exists on Tues/Thurs evening.

WHERE WE PLAY: We have TWO great pickleball locations in Anthem, AZ ! 

[2] Anthem Country Club - Persimmon Courts

[1]  Anthem Community Park - Hockey Courts

​​WHEN WE PLAY:  The OPEN PLAY schedules for each location are provided here and please check News and Events to view the scheduled events and classes.