and an honorable mention to our highest scoring women too!
   Janice Menard - 1st place
   Nancy Balm, Barb Levine  - 2nd place (tie)

Special shout out to Jackson ("The Future") Ayotte (age 15! & grandson of Don Trefry) who played

in the tournament with his dad, Dennis!  Very Cool! 

Congratulations (!) to our Medal Winners in the Southwest Region Super Senior International Tournament! 

Surprise, Arizona   January 11 – 14, 2018

A big Congratulations! to our AAZPC Local Feb Round Robin Tournament Winners!   

Congratulations! to our many Medal Winners in the Grand Canyon Games!

El Mirage, AZ     February 21 - 25, 2018

* Please accept our sincerest apologies if we erroneously overlooked anyone!  If you have news of an upcoming tournament in which you have/will participate, please let us know through Contact Us and we look forward to posting the news here too :o)   Thank you! 


Tournament play outside of Anthem was really strong in January!! 

In January, we had 22 players participate in FIVE tournaments, and we took home a lot of medals - including 3 Golds, 3 Silvers and 5 Bronze!  Congratulations to EVERYONE* who participated in January USAPA Sanctioned Tournaments, including: Carol Acker, Dennis Ayotte, Jackson Ayotte, Brian Baker, Gretchen Bender,Bernadette Fischer, Dave Hahn, Jennifer Kaul, Mel Kahn, Jack Kramer, Janice Menard, Phil Menard, Kristi Miller, Janie Murnane, Pam Olson, Barb Patterson, Brian Popowitch, Brooke Popowitch, Betty Staniec, Scott Stooker, Don Trefry & Joan Willeford Boyll.

> Mixed Doubles 3.5: 65-69 - Janice & Phil Menard - GOLD!

On March 10th, the Anthem AZ Pickleball Club held a round robin tournament for self-rated 2.0-3.0 players. It was a beautiful day for pickleball and the 18 players who participated had a fun time and some great competition !  

Anthem USAPA Tournament Play Continues to Grow!! 

Fans braved the cold at the Grand Canyon Tourny in Feb

from JANUARY, 2018:

Congratulations! to our Medal Winners in the Good Life Annual PB Tournament!

 Mesa, Arizona  February 12 - 14, 2018

Congratulations! to our Medal Winners in the Rock N Roll Triples PB Tournament !

St. George, Utah February 7 - 10, 2018

3.0-4.0 Skill Group
  Dave Hahn - 1st place

  Mario Moreno - 2nd place

  Phil Menard - 3rd place  

Many thanks and a BIG SHOUT OUT to Walt Schlittenhard for all of his hard work and efforts in organizing and running these tournaments.  Way to go, Walt!!!  THANK YOU!!  We really appreciate you!

The January AAZPC Local Round Robin Tournament was a blast and Congratulations! to the well-deserved winners and all who participated to make this such a fun event!  

3.0-4.0 Skill Group
  Mario Moreno - 1st Place
  Ric Ellsworth - 2nd Place
  Nick Sullivan - 3rd Place


​Outside Anthem, tournament play is in full swing in February!  Nearly 20 people participated in USAPA-sanctioned tournaments.  A record 13 folks played in the super-competitive Grand Canyon State Games-Arizona State PB Championship. 

1st place - Jim Pearson 

2nd - RD Arnold

3rd - Dick Edington,

        Cindy Lehman,

        Kathy Sullivan

>  Men’s Doubles 3.5, all Ages - Dennis Ayotte & Brandon Ayotte - SILVER!

>  Women’s Doubles 3.0 - Joan Boyll & Shannon McClean - SILVER!

2.0-3.0 Skill Group
  Kathy Sullivan - 1st Place
  Scott McVay - 2nd Place
  Juanita Kerksick - 3rd Place

Congratulations (!) to our Medal Winners in the Happy Trails Tournament! 

Surprise, Arizona   January 15 – 19, 2018

Anthem PB-ers Crushed It In February!  

With the Arizona Pickleball Season in full swing, Anthem PB-ers took full advantage of tournament opportunities both locally and at USAPA-sanctioned tournaments throughout the Southwest.  In short, it was another record month for Anthem Pickleball!

Congratulations! to our AAZPC March Local Round Robin Tournament Winners!   

Anthem PB-ers Are Setting New Records  in 2018 Tournament Play!!! 

> Men’s Doubles 3.5: 70+ - Don Trefry & David Hahn - SILVER!    (see 1st image below) 
> Women’s Doubles 3.0: 60+ - Joan Willeford Boyll & Sheila Daughtry - GOLD!
> Women’s Doubles 4.0: 60+ - Carol Acker & Charleen Hutton - BRONZE!   
(see 2nd image below) 

2.0-3.0 Skill Group

>  Women’s Doubles 3.0 - Barb Patterson & Betty Staniec - SILVER!

>  Mixed Doubles 3.5 65-69 - Janice Menard & Philip Menard - SILVER!

Congratulations (!) to our Medal Winners in the Sun City Marinette Tournament! 

Sun City, Arizona   January 30 - February 1, 2018

At the FEB AAZPC Round Robin Tournament - it was all Bring It On!  On Feb 24, the Anthem AZ Pickleball Club held a round robin for self-rated 3.0-4.0 players. 18 players participated and we had a blast! Congratulations to our players:  David Armstrong, Tamara Armstrong, Nancy Balm, Dick Bevevino, Ric Elsworth, Dave Hahn, Bob Jordan, Barb Levine, Jeff Levine, Mario Mareno, Janice Menard, Phil Menard, Michael Mueller, Inkeri Marenbach, Mike Ruck, Brian Seganti, Fred Stevens and Gary Wycech. 

Congratulations! to David Smith & Ken Lehman for winning SILVER at the US OPEN (Men's Doubles, 55+)!

48 states and 20 countries competed at the international Naples, FL tournament!   April 23 - 29

> Men’s Doubles, 3.0 (multiple ages) - Chase Distefano & Mel Kahn - GOLD!  (see 1st image below)

> Men's Doubles, 4.5 (multiple ages) - David Furman & Daniel Wing - BRONZE!

> Men’s Doubles, 4.5: 50+ - David Smith & Ken Lehman - BRONZE!  (see 2nd image below)
> Men’s Doubles, 5.0: 35+ - David Baker & Brent Ditzik - GOLD! 
 (sort of 3rd image below ;o) )

> Mixed Doubles, 3.5 (multiple ages) - Janie Murnane & Brian Popowitch- BRONZE!
> Women’s Doubles, 3.0 (multiple ages) - Barb Patterson & Betty Staniec - BRONZE!  
(see 4th image below)

Congratulations to all* who embraced the February tournament challenges, including:  Carol Acker, Dennis Ayotte, Brian Baker, Gretchen Bender, Joan Boyll, Chase DiStefano, David Furman, David Hahn, Jennifer Kaul, Mel Kahn, Janice Menard, Phil Menard, Janie Murnane, Barb Patterson, Brian Popowitch, David Smith, Betty Staniec and Don Trefry.  

> Men’s Doubles 3.5: 70+ - Don Trefry & David Hahn - BRONZE!  (see 1st image below) 
> Mixed Doubles 3.5: 50+ - Pam Olson & Patrick De Ryan - BRONZE! 
(see 2nd image below) 
> Women’s Doubles 3.0: 50+ - Joan Boyll & Kristi Miller – SILVER!  
(see 3rd image below) 
> Women’s Doubles 4.0: 50+ - Carol Acker & Tammy Wright - BRONZE!  (see 4th image below) 

A hearty THANK YOU to all of the fans who cheer in person and on-line! To follow USAPA tournament registrations, play & results, click here:

Congratulations! to our Medal Winners in the Pebble Creek Tournament !

Goodyear, AZ   February 14 - 16, 2018

Congratulations! to our Medal Winners in the Palm Desert Senior Games (50+)!

Palm Desert, CA  February 9 - 11, 2018

Congratulations! to our Medal Winners in the Tommy Wong Tournament! 

Surprise, Arizona   January 4 – 7, 2018

Chilly Fans CHEER ON at the Grand Canyon Games in Feb! 

> Men’s Doubles 5.0: 19+ - Brian Baker & Sean Richard - SILVER!
> Women’s Doubles 3.0: 50+  - Barb Patterson & Joan Boyll - GOLD! 
(see 1st image below)
> Women’s Doubles 3.5: 65+ - Janie Murnane & Pam Olson - BRONZE!
(see 2nd image below)