Paddletek Horizon Paddle Review (4Q2017)

The Horizon is one of the new elongated paddles that seem to be popping up at courts around the country. It has a soft feel and is very quiet. Great for noise-restricted courts or those that prefer a quieter paddle. It came in right at 7.5 oz. - light middle weight. Perfect for those long days on the court. One of the women in our club tried it and said it felt like an extension of her arm and she really thought it helped her backhand. In fact, she ordered one that night! I know some people don’t care for the shorter handle, but I got used to it quickly. For players with smaller hands or for those that hold it ping pong style (finger on the paddle) this is a great option. Perfect for shutting down the bangers😄. It also is great for dinking and getting to balls hit down the line. That extra reach really does help. Lastly, it felt good with both the Onix and the Dura balls.