Update on March 8, 2018

Fun was had by all at the exciting ground-breaking ceremony and social!  Check out some of the great pictures!

Recap of Anthem Council meeting on April 25, 2018 regarding new Pickleball courts – thanks to everyone who attended the meeting to show support for our new pickleball courts.  10 courts were proposed with several optional amenities like: gathering area with tables and benches, central kiosk, bike rack, security cameras, potable water bottle filler, paddle/ball holders and hooks for bags, and more.  

Estimated timeline includes May 23 – final approval, July/August – county approvals and permits, August/September – break ground, and December – completion!   
Mark your calendars for Wed, May 23, 2018 6:30 PM for an important Anthem Council meeting!

Update on May 24, 2018

Many of us - members of the the Anthem AZ pickleball community, leaders within the Anthem Community center, Elite (the Contractor) and EMC2 (the Architect) - to discuss the design aspects of the Anthem Pickleball Courts (and with focus on the court layout, fencing, size, and viewing areas).  A preliminary design was agreed upon.  Initial design, drawing and pricing will be presented by the contractors to the Anthem Council within the next 60 days. 

A special to all of the Pickleball Club members who have made suggestions, measured and have taken photos of other courts - you know who you are!   

As you may know, the Anthem Pickleball Courts project was on the Anthem Council's agenda last night.  Thanks to the 10+ AAZPC members who showed up to offer support.  It was much appreciated.  Here are some highlights of the meeting, as written by Barb Patterson & Gretchen Bender:

Barb Patterson gave a brief review of our excitement for the courts, reviewing the strong numbers regarding current PB usage and wait times at each of our playing venues.  It was recognized that the RFP was well-written and included the latest USAPA specifications of 7' on each side, 10' borders in the back with 4' fencing, individual doors on each court and 30" nets.  This provides more room than the Surprise courts and the El Mirage courts (Yes, we measured! - thank you Craig Patterson, Mel Kahn & David Smith).  "It is a dream come true for our Anthem pickleball players".

The contractor, Elite and his partner architect, were approved to continue to the design phase which will be in the April/May time frame. The Board is scheduled to approve the design and budget on April 25.  County submittal and review would be thereafter with construction projected to start in July/August.  AAZPC representatives, Gretchen Bender, Don Trefry, and Boro Reljic, will work with the Anthem Staff and Elite to refine the design.  Please direct any questions or suggestions regarding design to these AAZPC member representatives.

We were able to meet the builder, Elite, and discuss court layout and some of the shortcomings seen at the Surprise courts (which Elite built).  They concurred with our point of view about layout and is looking for this project to be the "crown jewel" of pickleball courts in the Valley.  Elite built the new courts at Surprise and the folks there highly recommended the company.  (Yes, we contacted them!)  Several factors make this an ideal project:  being able to have input from the players (AAZPC) from the beginning, working with the architect from the start, and working with a well-informed Anthem Staff.

The preliminary project cost estimate for the Anthem PB Complex was $600,000.  The cost estimate provided by Elite(builder)/EMC2(architect) totaled ~$609,000.  The PB Courts will be funded by the Enhancement Fund which had a balance of $1.9M at the end of January, 2018.

The Council and Anthem Staff expressed positive comments about this project and our involvement.  We will continue to keep you updated and thanks again to the AAZPC members who came out to support our efforts.

Best Pickleling,
  Gretchen & Barb 

Update on May 3, 2018

Update on August 24, 2018

​​​Update on Anthem Pickeball Courts - Coming in Late 2018!   

Thanks to EVERYONE who has supported the Anthem PB group and to those who attended the May 23rd Anthem Community Council meeting.  It was much appreciated - and well worth it as the 10 courts were APPROVED!  A special thanks to Gretchen Bender for last night's contribution.

Permits will be drawn & construction should start in Aug/Sept, with completion in Dec. Stay tuned for a ground breaking activity!  Again, thanks so much for your participation last night!  It couldn't have been done without YOU!

Update on March 1, 2018